Dr Stephen Adams-Langley

D. Psych. M.A. UKCP REG. MBACP (Snr. Accred) AD.DIP.ExPsych. UKRC REG.




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Research has proven that the effectiveness of talking therapies mostly depends on the quality of the relationship between therapist and client. 


It is not necessarily the theoretical approach, age, gender or experience of the therapist that is most significant.  There are no meaningful differences between counselling and psychotherapy.  I am accredited both as a senior counsellor and a psychotherapist, and I am happy to identify myself as either.  


It is often a daunting task and takes courage to pick up the telephone and make the first appointment.  A first session is to allow the client to meet me as a therapist, to ask questions, and to discuss your needs and expectations and any anxieties about beginning. 


Choosing a therapist is often intuitive and I would advise any client to listen to their “gut feeling” after a first session to decide whether to begin working with me.  You may find a few sessions are all that you need, or you may wish or feel you need open-ended longer-term work.


My approach as a therapist is to be passionate and calm, non-dogmatic and empathic and supportive and challenging. It is worth considering that full accreditation to a professional body is important, as it indicates the therapist has undergone a recognised training, continuing professional development and adheres to a recognised code of ethics. 

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